About the Company

In May of 1987, Securitech, Inc. was founded as a licensed private investigation company specializing in internal investigations for a small number of Tucson business clients. Pre-employment background screening was in its infancy; hiring a private investigator to do a criminal background check on anyone, let alone each and every prospective employee, was prohibitively expensive for many of our clients. We set out to develop a system which would allow us to provide a thorough criminal history for job applicants, at a price and timeframe that made it practical to include as part of the pre-hire process.

As a founding member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), Securitech has remained on the forefront of the background screening industry. As part of our commitment to safe and legal hiring, we invest in the latest technologies to ensure comprehensive and accurate results. We also keep up to date on current developments in employment and hiring law and the criminal justice system. This allows us to support our local and national business partners by making their hiring process quicker, easier, and legally compliant.

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  • Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), Founding Member
  • Society of Human Resource Management Greater Tucson Chapter (SHRMGT)